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Han Dong was established in 1969 as pharmaceutical company Sam Poong Co., Ltd., in which the domestic veterinary medicine industry was in its embryonic stage.
In 1973, Sam Poong was incorporated and renamed as Han Kook Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. Following trends, Han Kook Veterinary Medicine Co. Ltd. has diversified its business portfolio, including environment-related fields.
In 1993, Han Kook Veterinary Medicine Co. Ltd. was renamed as Han Dong Co. Ltd.

With a business belief “quality of products determines reputation of a company,” we, Han Dong, have been committed to conducting thorough quality control on Bio-Research Center affiliated with Han Dong as well as developing unique products through cooperation with universities in terms of research.
We have been fully committed to producing products, allowing livestock men are able to maintain the sustainable livestock industry.

Currently, our product line is over 100 types of products. We produce antibiotics, nutritional supplements, hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs for alleviating fever and pain, immune boosters, medicine for allergic respiratory illnesses, ointment as well as disinfectants for both dry period and lactation cycle in forms of liquefied and powdered injections, liquid medicines, infusions, ointment, and feed additives.

We have been committed to seeking ways in which producers and customers can co-prosper by sharing our profits with society. As part of the efforts, we have provided various services, including feeding and management through conducting seminars, providing disease-prevention and disease-curing programs, and visiting and giving
a consulting to farmers.

Our company is equipped with a systematic organization management system, which motivates each member to play a triple role and to become the foremost expert in each business field.


We recognize the importance of controlling quality of product. We have done our best to produce quality products and conduct follow-up management so that our customers can trust and consume our products.

We are able to further strengthen production and quality control by applying strict standards on the entire process from where raw material is being stocked to where finished goods are shipped. We also able to speed up our product development process, including incrementally modified drug.

To this end, we are equipped with not only the domestic KVGMP, but also the international EU GMP standard in order to provide high quality veterinary medicine.

We promise you to do our best in order to become an approaching, a satisfactory, and a reliable company to customers in line with our corporate philosophy of creativeness, challenge, and passion.